Abstract Wall Art for Your Home

It’s no secret that adding art to your home will instantly elevate its style and personality. But it can be difficult to know exactly what type of art you should use in each room, especially if you prefer abstract or modernist artwork, rather than more traditional pieces such as landscapes or still life.

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art is exactly what it sounds like: a painting that includes some amount of abstraction. It could be an image that has been abstracted through editing software or it could be an actual painting (that uses techniques such as texture, layering, and colour) to portray something that is impossible to identify with a literal reading. One thing is for sure; abstract wall art will help give your home decor a bit of edge.

Where to Hang It

Hanging your abstract wall art is a major part of home décor decisions. If you’re going for big, bold and abstract pieces, find an empty wall you can fill—perhaps over a mantel or next to a large window. Place it with care; unlike portraits or landscapes that can blend into corners, abstracts call attention to themselves. You want your piece to jump out and evoke emotion: think bright colours and deep tones. These types of pieces tend to be non-representational so if that isn’t what you're going for go with more pastels.

Where to Avoid Hanging It

A gallery wall is a great way to incorporate abstract pieces into your home decor. But even though it’s open-ended, there are some rules you might want to follow. A good rule of thumb is not going beyond three or four unique elements on your wall. Otherwise, you might end up with an unbalanced look and feel (unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for).

It also makes sense where not to hang it; because many abstract wall art pieces have prominent colour blocks, they tend not work well in bedrooms and family rooms—both spaces that tend be lighter on colour schemes. Instead, try adding them as accents in kitchens and living rooms where neutral colours dominate.

Different Styles of Abstract Wall Art

It’s easy to get intimidated by abstract wall art; it can be hard to decipher whether a piece is painted on canvas or printed on paper. But even if you don’t really care about how a piece is made, knowing that it’s printed on paper makes for an interesting conversation starter.

Range of Materials

One way abstract wall art can add interest and intrigue to a room is by utilizing different materials. Acrylic, glass, wood and metal are all different mediums you can choose from. For example, adding a large piece of acrylic artwork onto your wall can be a more neutral addition as it doesn’t stand out dramatically (but still adds interest).

If you are looking for something that grabs attention more easily, then investing in wooden or metal pieces will help do just that. The beauty of these materials is they typically come in various colours so finding one that best suits your interior decor will not be difficult.

Homes Outlet

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