3 Tips for Designing with Antique Home Decor

Antique home decor can breathe new life into your interior design concept, adding personality and history to your space. This kind of decor makes great focal points for your room, and it’s especially helpful if you’re looking to create an ambiance that’s more sophisticated or rustic than typical modern decorating styles allow. To make sure your old-school pieces are used in the best way possible, here are 4 tips on how to design your interiors with antique home decor.

Antique Home Décor

When most people think of antique home decor, they tend to picture an old desk or chair. While these items can make great focal points in your home, you shouldn’t stop there. Antiques come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to be extremely creative with your design concept.

Look for homeware accessories that have an antique aesthetic or feel—even small touches like candle holders can work wonders to give your space a vintage flair. Don’t be afraid to mix modern elements into your design either, as too much antique home décor could make the space feel a bit dark and heavy.

The best way to incorporate antique home decor into your design is by using colour. There are so many different colours available when shopping for antique furniture pieces that it would be impossible not to find something that works well with your existing colour scheme.

1. Keeping Your Space Monochromatic

If you’re going to use antique home decor, you can design your space to use multiple pieces of furniture and decorative items that have similar colours. This way, you’ll be able to make your space look cohesive and artful without having too many different things going on at once.

Monochromatic colour schemes can include black, white, blue or green; they also often include shades of grey. One shade won’t dominate over another—it will just add depth and dimension to your overall design scheme. For example, if you have an ornate Victorian-style couch in your living room, it would be a good idea to pair it with cushions and throws that are either red or deep burgundy in colour. When you stick to one hue (as opposed to choosing several different hues), it makes everything seem much more uniform and balanced.

Your home should reflect who you are as an individual while also giving off an air of sophistication. An antique feel doesn’t need to feel cluttered or tacky—if anything, incorporating some well-placed antique home décor into your interior design can help create a sense of elegance and grandeur!

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Modern Pieces with Antiques

Not every piece of furniture you invest in has to be an antique home decor—in fact, that’s an easy way to create a mishmash of styles. If you want to mix modern and antique, look for pieces that share similar design details.

If you really want your home to feel cohesive, stick only to items from one era. You can also try adding new elements to old pieces as this will keep a fresh and inviting feel in your home.

3. Add Depth by Layering Pieces

There is no room in your home where you wouldn’t like to have an antique piece. But when it comes to setting up an entire room—whether it’s a new living room or bedroom, or if you just want to add some antique accents to your existing space—it can be overwhelming. How do you choose? What are good places to look? Which styles match together? If you're worried about how much it will cost, don't panic! While antiques can be expensive, you can find beautiful pieces at Homes Outlet at competitive prices. Start by thinking about whether your space is primarily modern or traditional; contemporary designs typically work best with older furniture and antique home decor.

Homes Outlet

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