How To Style Around Your Black Sofa with Other Home Décor

There is a reason as to why a black sofa is a go-to for many people. One reason is because this stunning colour can be paired with many other colours and shades that springs to mind and because black undoubtedly is a colour that exudes sophistication like no other. Due to this, a black sofa will always provide wow-factor and stand out, especially in a modern living room décor setting.

Of course, a black sofa is a bold choice for the living room space, but with the right attention to detail and right accents it can be pulled off and give your living room the stunning, high-end contemporary look that you seek. If you are set on buying a black sofa but feel intimidated or unsure about how to style your new sofa, this article will give you some tips on how to do so to ensure your space is left feeling luxurious and stylish.

Keep it Light

A black sofa is a piece of décor that stands out on its own and commands attention that it deserves, but if it is placed in a room with dark walls, it is not going to steal the spotlight like it’s supposed to. So, a black sofa will always look best in a living room with a light wall for its background – this could be light grey, cream, beige, or even a simple white hue. This combination will not only ensure that your black sofa keeps all the attention but will also create a high contrast look.

A living room space with lots of natural light is also the perfect setting for a black sofa, but if opting for a leather black sofa, ensure to keep black leather out of direct sunlight as the colour will fade. Keep your use of black in the rest of the living room to a minimum to avoid a moody, dark interior that feels too overpowering; instead choose a few key larger pieces of black furniture such as a black coffee table to complement and coordinate with your black sofa.

Bring in a Pop of Colour with Your Black Sofa

While light wall colours will help your black sofa to stand out, you won’t want your whole living room to consist of only two hues. You’re going to want to bring in more colours around the room to keep things interesting; colour can be introduced in anything from modern wall art, cushions, or rugs. Bring in an orange rug for example for a vibrant twist on modern home décor as well as to bring in warmth that black can steal away, some gold accents will also bring in warmth as well as bring an opulent luxury touch to the home.

For a more homely inviting feel, use other warm hues such as brown, red and yellow. Or, if you are after a more polished and stylish look, use cooler tones around the home such as forest green, and ocean blue; these hues will ensure that your black sofa still remains the focal point in your living room.

Bring in Industrial Pieces of Home Décor

A black sofa perfectly complements the stripped back architectural details that an industrial style compromises of, such as bare bricks, metals and wood, however as previously mentioned, just ensure there are other lighter pieces of home décor around the home and lots of natural light to avoid the room looking gloomy and overpowering. Bring in a gorgeous industrial style living room shelving unit composed of metal and wood, or an industrial style side table to pair with your black sofa for a more stylish, casual atmosphere that the industrial home décor style can offer.

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