5 Steps for Creating an Earthy Interior Design Concept

The best way to create an earthy interior design concept in your home, is to think about what you’re trying to achieve. Maybe you want to create a warm, welcoming look that invites people in and makes them feel at home as soon as they walk through the door, or maybe you want to create a natural, wild, and untamed look that reminds you of the beauty of nature.

Regardless of what you want your final earthy interior design concept to look like, there are 3 basic steps you need to take in order to make it happen. This means picking earthy colours, selecting earthy design elements, as well as choosing materials and finishes that look and feel connected to the natural beauty of the earth. Let’s take a look at 5 steps towards achieving an earthy interior design scheme.

1. Align Your Personality with Home Decor

Before you start looking at earthy interior design inspiration, ensure that you evaluate your own personality and what you are wanting to achieve. It’s important to set intentions and know exactly how you want to feel in your home once you’ve completed your earthy interior design concept.

Are you a beach-house traveller who loves fine art and long walks on a sandy beach? If so, your interior design will be much different than someone who loves spending time in a hot city with lots of concrete. This is important because it sets up how earthy you'll want your home décor to be.

Do you feel that metallic home décor or hand-carved wooden side tables connect you to the natural beauty of earth? Or, perhaps you’re more of a marble surface kind of person who love the aesthetics of natural stone. Maybe you love the look of a brown rug that reflects a shaggy design because it will pull together your concept in one effortless way. Whatever you choose, ensure that you’ve chosen an earthy interior design concept that is reflected by what textures and materials mean to you.

2. Create a Palette for Earthy Interior Design

When you think of an earthy interior design concept, what colours come to mind? Maybe woodsy browns and greens or even a burnt orange. Whatever your desired aesthetic, use these colours as a starting point for your palette. Don't be afraid to combine colours that seemingly don't match; they'll probably look better than you think. Creating a palette for an earthy interior design concept is more about what makes you feel more calm, centred, focused and grounded. There are no rules and that’s what makes it an easy and enjoyable journey, when transforming your home into your very own sanctuary; you simply have to align with what is calling out to you.

3. Decide on Furniture, Colour Scheme and Accessories

Buying furniture can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for quality – but always know that quality will last for years to come. If you’re planning on creating a truly earthy interior design theme, however, it’s very important to invest in at least one piece of bespoke wooden furniture, such as a console table. Wood tones are not only warm and inviting, but also stand out against most other types of home decor.

You can then add extra elements of home décor through using neutral colours such as browns and whites throughout your home; this could include cushions and throws to colour match with your favourite brown rug design. Also try to incorporate some nature-inspired accessories as well as candles and fragrances into your earthy interior design scheme to establish a soft and soothing atmosphere.

4. Set Up Decorative Elements

For earthy interior design concepts, it’s best to start with neutrals as your base. With earth tones on every wall and flooring, it creates a space that feels open and airy. Mix in some pops of colour (greens, blues and pinks) to create some flowing energy throughout the space. Don’t go too overboard with neutrals as this can make the space feel emotionless. Whether you want to use a statement pink armchair to add a touch of feminine energy, or need to add some blue faux flowers to create something more subtle, there are many ways to introduce pops of colour.

5. Embrace All Things Green

If you want your earthy interior design concept to feel home-like and fresh, it's important to embrace all things green. You can add plants, not just for decoration, but for a clean, healthy environment as well. While flowers may be nice, try using succulents or cacti instead; they're easier to care for and will blend in better with your home decor. If real plants and flowers are too expensive for you to maintain, faux flowers promise to last for years to come and can be colour coordinated according to season and trends.

Homes Outlet

Want to create an earthy interior design concept in your home? From browns to tans and greens to golds, Homes Outlet has a range of home décor that you can incorporate into your design concept to create this beautiful theme. With earthy interior design, you will begin to feel more focused, grounded and centred during everyday life in your home.

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