Design By Nature: Colour Matching Your Interiors with Faux Flowers

Design By Nature: Colour Matching Your Interiors with Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are a beautiful addition to any interior design concept, especially if you choose the perfect bunch that colour matches with your interior colour scheme. Whether you would like to compliment a silver home décor concept or traditional styling, the beauty of faux flowers is that they are a great investment which create a connection to design by nature, all-year-round. Faux flowers are a long-lasting home décor option that you can match with the colour of your rug or cushions, and depending on the season, you can introduce different shades to create a spring, summer, autumn or winter theme.

The best part about faux flowers is that you can opt for bold, bright colours to make a statement within your colour scheme, or you can tone it down and introduce a more subtle and natural colour. Either way, you’re adding a beautiful and captivating element to your home interiors that will last for years to come.

White Faux Flowers

Many opt for choosing a bunch of crisp white faux flowers because this particular colour is great for adding some character to a neutral home décor concept. White faux flowers are particularly abundant at bringing themes of purity and newness to the interiors of your home. The colour white symbolises freshness, cleanliness and starting a new chapter which is perfect for establishing a modern style concept.

Introducing white faux flowers to your interior colour scheme can work well all-year-round and brighten up the space as well as create a touch of contrast if you have other colours present in your home. Against darker walls such as black or navy, white faux flowers tend to stand out more dramatically and really shine light on the beautiful design that is born from Mother Nature.

Faux Red Roses

Then there is the pure beauty of deep faux red roses. Real, fresh roses tend to be quite expensive to purchase and only last a certain amount of time before they need replacing – opting for faux red roses is the perfect investment if you’re looking to create an elegant and luxury feel within your living room or bedroom all-year-round.

These particular faux flowers work well with other deeper and darker colours on the colour wheel. However, adding this striking deep red colour to a crisp white room completed with a neutral décor concept is the perfect way to create a focal point and statement within the space that is powered by the beauty of red roses.

Pink and Blue Faux Flowers: Where Feminine Meets Masculine

It is common knowledge that pink is a feminine colour frequency, while blue sways more towards the masculine frequency. If you’re looking to create the concept of harmony and balance within your interiors – as well as having a pop of colour – then you can opt for pink and blue faux flowers. Bringing these two colours, together, create the perfect touch of character that harnesses the balance between masculine and feminine polarities within interior design.

Choosing Vase and Planter Designs for Your Faux Flowers

Whether you would like to add some faux flowers to a space that reflects a traditional design concept, or would like to power up your modern and contemporary interior theme, Homes Outlet have a range of vase and planter designs that are artistically crafted to hold your faux flowers.

Some of our vases offer the bright and shiny finish of metallic silver, where others are crafted with materials such as ceramic stone which create a more minimalist feel. Whatever you opt for, we have in-house interior designers with over a decade of experience in transforming homes, who are happy to help you make the best choice for selecting you faux flowers and pairing them with vases and planters.

Faux Flowers at Homes Outlet

Looking to add some colour to your interior design concept? Faux flowers are the perfect solution. At Homes Outlet, we have a range of faux flowers available in different colours and sizes. You can shop now online or visit us in-store in North West London to choose your favourite bunch and instantly elevate the interiors of your home.

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