Exploring Gold Wall Art in Feng Shui

Gold wall art is a beautiful addition to your interior design concept if you are particularly passionate about the subject known as Feng Shui. Why is this the case? This is simply because, having bare and empty walls will mean no energy flow around the room. When you would like to create a balanced flow of energy across the walls within your home, you can introduce gold wall art which will then compliment any other home décor that you have on the floor such as a rug and coffee table, as well as a sofa and cushions.

Gold Wall Art

Many people opt for gold wall art because it holds the power of many benefits. Not only does it create depth of warmth within your interior’s colour scheme, it also enables light to bounce back into the space, and therefore makes it feel welcoming and inviting.

You can choose a gold mirror, gold clock, or even a painted canvas that reflects gold detail. Whatever gold wall art you decide to choose, you are adding beautiful elements to the space that create a captivating focal point or even a statement.

Gold Colour Symbolism

Gold is the sister of yellow and deeply connects us with the sun. When people think about gold, they often think that it is associated with feminine nature – however it is not. Gold is a colour that sways more towards masculine frequencies and this is simply because the sun is masculine element within the universe, whereas the moon is a feminine element. When introducing gold wall art to your interiors – whether that be the bedroom, living room, home office or kitchen space – it’s important to also bring in some feminine colours to harmonise and balance out the colour scheme. You could work your gold wall art with a pretty pink sofa and cushions, or even keep it minimalist with a neutral cream rug.

Why Choose Gold Wall Art?

Well, you could choose silver, rose gold, or even bronze home décor. However, the beauty of gold will never go out of fashion, bringing a touch of sparkle to your home as you enjoy your time there. When you opt for gold wall art, you are able to work these pieces of home décor with many other colour schemes – gold is a timeless colour that lasts for years to come and allows you to change wall paper and transform your home with different pieces, according to the season and its trends.

Stay Minimalist or Go Bold

With your gold wall art, you can either keep the tones neutral and minimalist throughout the space, or you can add in pieces of home décor that are bright and bold to create a hugely captivating statement. You can keep it simple with a medium size gold clock that leaves space for the colour of your wall to reflect through, creating a colour combination that also contributes to Feng Shui, where two different frequencies merge together. Or, be dazzling with a large gold mirror that boasts striking a striking design with detailed patterns and see how the effect of the mirror helps the room to appear bigger as it reflects back the entire space. Whatever direction you sway towards, know that gold wall art promises positive results for all interior design concepts and is a versatile choice for all styles and design preferences.

Feng Shui with Gold Wall Art

Feng Shui is the subject of harmonizing an individual with their surroundings and environment through designing spaces that align with the natural forces of different elements. To harness the best theme that aligns with Feng Shui, it’s also important to take into consideration the seven elements of design. These elements are:

  • Space
  • Line
  • Form
  • Light
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Pattern

4 Tips for Choosing Your Gold Wall Art

  1. Consider how much space you would like to take up with your gold wall art and then decide on the size of the piece that you would like to invest in. This all depends on the size of the room that you are transforming with the art of Feng Shui.
  2. What shapes would you like to introduce to the space? Curves such as circular gold wall art help the room to feel cosy and inviting, whereas square and rectangle shapes help the room to feel organised with order and focus.
  3. Which lighting will you introduce to the space to enhance the gold wall art and where will this lighting be fitted within the room?
  4. Pattern is always a huge factor to consider, for there are many that you can incorporate into your gold wall art. Do you like abstract artwork printed onto a canvas or a floral bordered mirror that reflects the concept of nature? Perhaps you like plain or geometric design? Whether you choose, ensure that the pattern connects with other pieces of home décor to create some rhythmic flow and harmony as your gold wall art matches the other patterns present in your home.

Homes Outlet

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