Top 4 Ways to Style a Grey Sofa

Styling a grey sofa doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting, especially if you have the right home décor to combine. Even if you don’t have much experience in interior styling, with the right tips and tricks you can make your grey sofa look stylish and well-coordinated without spending too much time or money. Here are 4 top ways to style a grey sofa:

1. Monochrome in Small Rooms

It can be tempting to pair grey with every colour in your interior design palette, but its best when you pick one or two bold colours and use them as accents. Using different shades of grey gives an otherwise bland room an overall cohesiveness and brightens up smaller spaces. One or two pops of colour can help draw attention away from uncomfortable furniture arrangements, like a single chair or sofa set against empty walls. Because white is essentially all colours mixed together, you can use it as an all-over base in rooms that feature monochrome hues without worrying about clashing colours.

2. Add Pattern and Texture

Instead of relying on curtains and other home decor items, you can add pattern and texture by incorporating cushions in different sizes, shapes, and materials. An all-white sofa can easily be dressed up with grey cushions and throws that incorporate stripes, dots, or bold polka dots, but you can also do this with a grey sofa if you need to add some pops of colour whilst creating texture and patterned design.

Combine large and small cushions so that there is some balance in scale; for example, if you use two smaller square cushions next to each other instead of one larger cushion. When choosing your materials—cotton blends or silk are great options for summer—make sure they reflect how much light will be coming into your room during various times of day.

3. Bring Warmth through Colour

Although grey is somewhat of a neutral colour, it can also appear flat and stark if over-used. To avoid giving your home an uninviting vibe, think about bringing warmth through some of your other interior design choices. Start by selecting warm flooring like hardwood or carpeting in a rich, earthy tone that complements your grey sofa. For extra cosiness, opt for an area rug from The Rugs Outlet that features vibrant colours and stylish patterns; these will make all of your cold-coloured furniture pieces pop.

People often opt for a statement rug design that boosts colour into the home and pair this with a grey sofa. This is because it enables a focal point in the space whilst keeping things balanced. A grey sofa will do an incredible job of creating balance and harmony within your interior design concept as it won’t appear overwhelming in colour or make your living room look too busy.

Pink home décor can be great to pair with your grey sofa as these two colours produce a balance between feminine and masculine energy in your home.

4. Use Bright Accessories

Bright homeware accessories can help liven up dark colours and make your decor look more modern. So if you’re looking for some new home decor ideas, check out the different styles available at Homes Outlet. Whether you’re looking for silver home décor, bronze home décor or gold home décor, we have a range of metallic styles to suit all lifestyles and preferences.

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