4 Tips for Investing in a Marble Coffee Table

Marble is a natural stone that has a long and rich history of being imported from many locations across the globe and transformed into creative projects such as crafting products including marble coffee table designs, as well as being used for other functional purposes within interior design and home renovations. This includes features walls, kitchen benchtops, bathroom flooring and fireplaces. The most famous marble is known as Carrara, which is sourced from Italy.

Natural Stone Qualities: Where Beauty Meets Practicality

This natural stone promises both beauty and practicality, which is why it is often used to design products such as a marble coffee table, console table or side table. Whether you’re home represents a quiet and simple lifestyle, looking to elevate your interior space, or your lifestyle reflects a lot of activity, always hosting special events with family and friends, a marble coffee table will bring you all dimensions of benefits, from authentic and artistic design to functionality.

In short, a marble coffee table is a long-term investment and due to the nature of this quality, artistic and durable material, it’s a piece of home décor that will last for years to come and will no doubt leave its legacy, being passed down to the next generation.

Elevate The Space

A marble coffee table is the perfect addition to any living room design concept, especially if you are looking to elevate the space with an artistic touch born from marble home decor. When making the decision to invest in a marble coffee table, it’s important to consider many different elements from size and colour to shape and style. Let’s explore 4 tips for investing in a marble coffee table, to ensure that you choose the perfect piece which offers both style and functionality.

1. From Big to Small: Marble Coffee Table Sizes

How big or small does the marble coffee table need to be to fit seamlessly within your design concept? You’ll need to choose something big if you’re looking to create a beautiful statement within the room, but a small marble coffee table is the perfect way to introduce just a touch of artistic detail. Be mindful about the other sizes of your home décor and align it with this to create harmonious rhythm – a huge sofa and rug that pairs with a tiny coffee table is going to look out of place and vice versa.

2. From Black to White: Marble Coffee Table Colours

There are many different colours that can be used to craft a marble coffee table, so which colour will work well within your design’s colour scheme? The most popular marble coffee table colours are a black base with white veins, or a white base with grey veins. Black marble tends to create a powerful statement within your living room’s design concept, whereas, white marble tends to introduce a more subtle, natural and minimalist feel without compromising natural beauty.

3. From Round to Rectangle: Marble Coffee Table Shapes

Thanks to the modern-age machinery and the talented hands of stonemasons, marble can be crafted into many different products. While there are many ways to use this type of natural stone, a marble coffee table is certainly the most popular addition to the home. While some people transform their entire homes with the aesthetics of marble, this can be an extremely expensive investment. So, without spending too much money but still introducing the beauty, art and intricate design made by Mother Nature, a marble coffee table is the perfect solution for all walks of life. From round to rectangle, ask yourself what type of atmosphere you would like to create.

Round shapes are generally used in interior design to create a soft, smooth and cosy feel in the home. Whereas rectangle shapes are generally used in interior design to create the feelings of organisation and order. Be smart about your marble coffee table investment, deciding which shape will work well within the room – its shape will determine the way that the room feels.

4. From Minimalist to Wow-factor: Marble Coffee Table Styles

You can go big, bold and create some wow-factor with a marble coffee table, making it the focal point of the room. If this is the case, try to avoid introducing other statement elements of home décor that will draw your attention away from the marble coffee table. Wow-factor can be created if your marble coffee table has other design features such as metallic gold or silver accents.

You can also maintain the concept of minimalism when opting for a marble coffee table. There are many neutral options available at Homes Outlet, where marble is the key to design, minus the dazzling gold detail. It is easy enough to create a beautiful look within a neutral home décor concept, for a marble brings its very own authentic character, but never feels too over-powering, due to its design by nature.

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