The Colour Symbolism of Navy Cushions

Introducing navy cushions into the home is one way to exude a classic look and feel to the home; this is because the colour navy in itself has long been considered a rich and traditional colour.  A colour that is timeless, sophisticated, and goes with anything and everything; it very much is one of the easiest colours to incorporate into your home décor to create that classic, traditional, and stylish home look that many are after. Navy cushions are a colour that will never go out of style, and because this particular colour is not overused by designers, it always feels fresh.

The History and Power Symbolism of Navy

A lot can be said about the colour the navy; this strong colour for starters, dates back to 1748, when it first got its name from the uniform worn by British Royal Navy officers. Since then, it has taken on a rich and strong association with all things noble, traditional, as well as nautical; associations which have not faded to this present day.

Once reserved for the wealthy and royal, in today’s modern world, cushions are an everyday luxury item used to complete spaces in the home from living rooms, to bedrooms, to outdoor seating spaces. In the world of interior design, interior styling relies on cushions – they are said to be the ‘red-lipstick of the lounge’. What in particular, can navy cushions in the home symbolise?

Navy blue conjures feelings of power and authority as opposed to the usual feelings of harmony that the more standard shades of blue bring in. Darker shades of blue reflect and lean more towards authority and importance. So, having navy cushions not only creates a classic and traditional look for the home but it can subtly bring in a touch of power, authority and importance, without needing a total home makeover.

Although navy blue is a stylish and rich colour that can complement anything well, navy cushions are not cushions that will demand attention and will not offer a playful tone that other colours do. Those who opt for navy themes in the home are after the traditional and serious feel it offers – the hypothesis being that it can be a popular choice for many professionals and those who hold conservative views – being a colour that evokes respect, authority, rules and order.  Bringing in navy cushions to the home not only can help to create subtle connotations of power and authority, but this colour also represents trust, stability and confidence making it a very safe colour to choose for your interiors. However, with all this talk of conservative, rules and order, navy certainly does not mean boring. You can pair your navy cushions with a stunning navy rug or other navy home décor for a striking and elegant home look, as well as a stronger symbolic representation of the colour navy in the home.

Navy Cushions are Seen As a Serene Colour

Navy is also a colour that can symbolise serenity and tranquillity like a calm deep blue ocean, so for those with busy, on-the-go lifestyles, it is very much a welcoming and peaceful colour to come home to after a hectic day of noise from the bustling city lifestyle. Introducing navy cushions to the home is a subtle way to evoke some much needed feelings of peace and serenity – especially for the home living room sofa where relaxation is sought after a long day. A scatter of navy cushions on a crisp white sofa for example is a classic, beautiful combination and an instant way to bring in a beachy/ocean like feel to the home and its atmosphere.

Navy Cushions are a Great Alternative to Black

Much like the colour black, navy blue is a dramatic hue. However for those who do not want to opt for black cushions in their home, navy cushions offer the same masculine vibe that black does, however with the added bonus of some warmth, depth and history.  Bringing in navy cushions – rather than the colour black – also creates the same elegance and sophistication without the dark, overpowering tone and symbolism of black that some may not like.

Navy Cushions at Homes Outlet

At Homes Outlet, we have a range of navy cushions available in different artistic designs and styles. Whether you’re looking for something plain and bold or with a touch of pattern, our navy cushions are crafted with quality material and authentic character, so that you can transform your living room or bedroom into a beautiful navy theme, colour matching with other décor, whether that be rugs or wall art.

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