How to Create the Best Navy Home Decor Design Concept

What is Navy home decor? It’s been an incredibly popular trend over the last few years, as home owners and designers alike have embraced the perfect mix of navy, white and wood tones. How do you create the best navy home decor design concept? What items should you choose to transform your home? Where do you begin? Our goal with this article is to help you create your own amazing navy home decor design concept, even if it’s your first time tackling such a project.

Navy Home Decor

Your home decor is one of the most important aspects of your life, and you want it to look great. While it can be tempting to put everything together with little planning, you’ll save yourself time and energy, if you start by creating an effective design concept before beginning to shop for your navy home decor pieces. Here are some tips on how to create the best navy home decor design concept, but also know that Homes Outlet also offer interior design consultation services with our in-house specialists.

Colour Coding

Navy home décor is easy to use in small doses, but it’s also one of those colours that can easily go overboard. Adding navy to your interior design doesn’t have to be overwhelming though, especially if you remember the importance of colour-coding. Start by looking at other items that you already own and see if any of them have any navy blue in them. Then, try incorporating navy into a room where you only need an accent (like a lamp shade or throw pillow). You can also use different shades of blue together, such as navy with teal or navy with pastel blue—to create a bolder and more flowing look, without going overboard.

Decorative Touches

By adding small navy accessories with care and creativity, you can create navy home décor ideas that are unique, inviting and make a strong first impression. When working on navy home décor ideas, keep items easy to move around, so they can be easily rearranged as needed or swapped around in alignment with the different seasons.

Navy with White

Navy home décor with elements of white looks fresh, clean and professional. Adding touches of gold and brass will also add a timeless quality to your home decor, plus they'll add sophistication without overpowering your room's design scheme. The navy and white colour scheme is also often associated with traditional themes. Navy blue was once a signature colour for sailors—it symbolized dependability, duty and honour; today, it still makes for an elegant choice in paint colours and fabrics for dining rooms and living rooms alike.

Navy home décor is also associated with tranquil waters: If you're tired of looking at a loud sunset painting above your couch, consider switching out that strong orangey-red hue for navy or white to create a more relaxing aesthetic in your home's interior design.


Navy home décor is a bold but traditional colour that works well in almost any home. So if you're looking to create a relaxed yet sophisticated feel, navy might be a good option for your next home project. Since navy and white are complementary colours, try incorporating patterns into your design for an added pop of colour. Patterns don't have to be complex either; stripes, abstract or polka dots will do just fine. Keep up with current trends too; navy isn't just for walls anymore. It's popular in interior design and fashion alike, because it blends well with so many other hues and tones.

Using Texture

Navy home decor is all about creating a calm, pleasant space. But there are still ways to add some glamour and personality into your design. Mixing textures such as wood tones, fabrics, or linen with smooth paint can add life to your design without overwhelming it. When choosing a wall colour for your navy design, focus on both hue and tone. Undertones are what gives reds their varying levels of warmth or coolness and is just as important in navy home décor design.

Connecting with the Natural World

Fresh, green plants or even faux flowers always adds a pop of colour and interest to any space. Beyond that, greenery is great for improving air quality indoors and also has other benefits like purifying water, cleaning indoor air, blocking off harmful radiation (particularly for those who spend time in front of computers), and even warding off depression.

Consider adding some greenery to your navy home décor concept with a small planter or even fake plants—it can be an easy way to upgrade your decor without spending a ton of money. Navy blue is a favourite colour to work with when it comes to navy home decor ideas – start with a navy vase if you’re not sure where to begin. Not only is navy beautiful on its own, but it also brings out natural blues found within indoor flowers that you can bring into your home.

Homes Outlet

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