Thinking Pink: How to use a Pink Sofa to Refresh Your Living Room Space

Thinking Pink: How to use a Pink Sofa to Refresh Your Living Room Space

Pink will always be a charming colour, whether it is loved or hated. But bring in a pink sofa into your living room interior, and you’ll open up an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone of brown, cream, beige etc., especially as it is such a large piece of bespoke furniture. Re-decorating is always fun, but when bringing in brighter colours it can be a new experience which some may find intimidating, and who knew such a delicate, soft colour could intimidate! In this blog, we’ll take a look at some ways on how to use a pink sofa to revamp your living room space for a stylish, feminine home look that won’t be left looking tacky.


A Pink Sofa plus Dark Wood = Beauty

Most shades of pink work great in living room spaces that feature dark wood characterised by neutral colours, especially living room spaces that have an industrial touch to them.  A pink sofa will certainly help balance out all these elements, and create an attractive equilibrium in the space. Your chosen pink shade does not need to be too dramatic either, pink pastel hues do a wonderful job especially for more minimalistic looks.


Don’t let Your Pink Sofa Look out of Place

To avoid your pink sofa looking out of place, consider bringing other décor such as a matching lampshade, matching artwork, or even a beautiful large rug of the same colour palette. You will need to experiment to work out what combination works the best for your interior space, but patience is a virtue and the process should be embraced as the end result will be highly worth it.


Bring in Vibrant Accents to Your Pink Sofa

Your pink sofa does not necessarily mean it will be the focal point in your living room space, especially if you opt for a pale pink sofa, or lighter pink shade. As this shade is not so vibrant, experiment with vibrant green accents – as an example, scattering a few bright green plants around your space will complement a pale pink sofa wonderfully and bring in texture to the home.

For a brighter pink sofa don’t be afraid to also combine vibrant colours in small doses throughout your living room. This will help to balance the entire space and make all the pieces of furniture in the room equally important to the eye. Try pairing your pink sofa with cushions of a bold shade of blue or mustard, and bring in a clear coffee table for a sophisticated touch. Big bold vibrant patterns also work perfectly with a hot pink sofa; again this can be bought in through a selection of cushions and even wall art.


Consider Texture, Fabric, and Composition when Decorating with Your Pink Sofa

When decorating your living room space, it is important to take into consideration the different textures, fabrics and overall composition of your living room before making choices. Experimenting with shapes is a great way to bring personality into your living room interior. Bringing in natural textures for example through boho cushions in a combination of different shapes, cowhide, and sheepskin will also look stunning paired with your pink sofa. For a warm and soft environment, pair your pink sofa with white or cream walls and combine touches of grey. Additionally bring in velvet cushions and throws for your pink sofa, and you’ll have a light winter sanctuary. For a more stylish yet calming serene atmosphere consider bringing in a beautiful marble side or coffee table, and bring in touches of gold through wall frames, or even a shelving unit.

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