Storing in Style: 6 Tips on Turning Your Shelving Unit Display from Drab to Fab

Shelf styling can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but whether it is book collections, plants, figures, or trinkets to be displayed there is an art to shelf styling, and if done properly can really make all the difference to your interior design without having to invest elsewhere. In today’s modern world, a shelving unit is not just brought into the home for its practical storage uses – it is very much incorporated for both style and function.

To help turn your shelving unit display from drab to fab here are 6 top tips to keep in mind as you work to make your display look better than ever before.

1. Keep Your Shelving Unit Clear of Junk

A richly decorated shelving unit will have plenty of beautiful ornaments, but it is key that the items be eye catching, artful and carefully selected. More does not always mean better; purchasing ornaments that have no personal value or meaning just for the sake of display will quickly turn a shelving unit into a hoarding site. Some items may just not even be worth displaying and so can be placed in closed cabinets instead.

2. Alternate Book Positioning on Your Shelving Unit

Books will always be great pieces to keep on a shelving unit as they can be instant conversation starters for guests, and can provide a glimpse into hobbies and passions. Keep it interesting by arranging them in unique ways – try a combination of stacks of two, four, or five in both horizontal and vertical stacks. Introducing bookends will also bring personality as well as function. Turning books around so that the pages face outward rather than having the spine on display can also create variation. Additionally, stacks of horizontal books can also serve as a pedestal for small accessories or objects.

3. Disperse Colours on Your Shelving Unit

For a more visually appealing look, spread out any ornaments and books of the same colour. For example, place red coloured accessories on one shelf in one end and place the remaining red coloured accessories diagonally across on another shelf on the opposite end. The same applies to materials – display in the same way as explained with accessories made of metal, glass or porcelain. Plan your display in order to prevent it from looking like a supermarket store shelf display. Additionally when thinking about colour on your shelves, also keep in mind other colours around the home such as the colour of your sofa, rug, or armchair.

4. Bring Artwork to Your Shelving Unit

Introducing artwork to your shelving unit is a great idea; place a few pieces alongside books, or place a black and white painting on one shelf and lean a vibrant abstract on another shelf for contrast. It is important not to overdo it by having artwork on every shelf, or it will look too busy, but you won’t go wrong by introducing artistic prints to approximately one third of the shelves.

5. Don’t Bombard Your Shelving Unit with Family Photos

Displaying one or two photo frames on your shelves is great, but bombarding your shelving unit with rows of framed personal photographs can make it look cluttered. Whilst preserving special memories is always important, setting frames on a small table or hanging a gallery of pictures on a wall by the staircase is a much better option instead.

6. Think Twice About Item Weight on Your Shelving Unit

Heavier accessories look better displayed on bottom shelves, whilst lighter items look best higher up. Place heavy thick books for example towards the bottom and dainty smaller items towards the top. Small trinket boxes can look lovely anywhere, but for larger storage accessories keep those towards the bottom row for a more balanced and visually appealing look.

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