Spring Home Decor Trends In 2022

Spring Home Decor Trends In 2022

If you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration for spring home décor trends in 2022 then look no further than colours such as cream or beige, wood tones and shades fresh green. Bringing these three colours together creates a beautiful spring home décor concept that feels connected to themes of the natural world and the heart of Mother Nature.

Cream and Beige

Cream and beige are neutral colours that add a fresh touch to any space. Being versatile colours, they are easy to work with and give you the opportunity to experiment with any colour scheme. You can invest in a rug that is dominated by cream or beige design, with perhaps a touch of additional colour that can compliment your walls or other home décor. Whether you choose a modern or traditional rug design, there are endless opportunities to work with cream and beige to create the concept of spring home décor themes.

Beautiful Wood Tones

Wood tones are great in the way that it introduces an earthy interior design concept and helps the space to feel soothing, inviting and grounded. As you step outdoors in the season of spring, everything starts to become a lot brighter with flowers and trees coming to life again. Wood tones connect us to this concept of the outdoors and bring a gentle feel to the home.

Opt for a wooden console table and match this with some armchairs to create the ultimate grounded concept in your home that celebrates the theme of spring.

Fresh Green

Green comes in many different colours and this includes but is not limited to mint, forest and olive green. If you would like the space to feel a bit cosier, opt for a shade of green that is on the darker end of the colour spectrum. To keep the energy alive and up-beat, choose lighter shades of green which will help to establish a more uplifting environment. You can use green faux flowers and place them in a wood tone vase as well as investing in some green cushions to colour match and create a consistent flow of colour frequencies within your room.

The Symbolism of Spring Home Décor

Spring is a time of new beginnings and while many people tend to choose autumn home décor concepts all-year-round, the themes of spring are gradually becoming increasingly popular. This is because the combination of cream or beige, wood tones and fresh green can certainly have a positive effect on you whilst living in your home. Spring home décor creates feelings of freshness and ideas of renewal, with this particular seasons symbolising new beginnings.

Every single day that you spend in your home is a new day, a new chapter and an opportunity to achieve new things. Choosing spring home décor all-year-round will help your home to feel this sense of new beginnings each day and you will be opting for a design concept that helps your mentality and emotions to feel positive and beautiful every single day.

Wellness in Interior Design

Interior design is not always about choosing what looks good and is in fashion or trending. It’s about choosing colour schemes, tones and textures that invite touch and also help you to feel good whilst living in your home. If you’re investing in some spring home décor for your interior design concept this season to transform your home, be sure to visit Homes Outlet. We will help you to combine the best designs with colour scheme to create a beautiful theme in your home – whether you are searching for textiles, faux flowers, wall art, or even some statement pieces, we are here help you turn inspiration into reality with the power of spring home decor.

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