3 Ways Textiles Products Create Texture in Home Design

3 Ways Textiles Products Create Texture in Home Design

If you love textiles products, then you’re in luck. This article will take you on a journey through the range of textiles products available at Homes Outlet, and how they create an important role of establishing texture in your home. Texture is used in interior design to stop spaces from feeling one-dimensional and inviting the sense of touch. When implemented correctly, a space doesn’t just look beautiful – it feels beautiful.

From rugs, to cushions and throws, textiles products can be placed in many areas of the home, adding colour, pattern, style and texture to any space. Below are 3 ways textiles products can be used to create texture and style in your home design, helping you to make an informed decision about what to invest in next for your home décor.

Textiles Products #1: The Beauty of Rugs

Rugs are an easy and affordable way to create texture in your home. When looking for a rug design for your interiors, think about the scale and what you want your new rug to emphasize within the space it is placed in. Consider these 5 elements before you invest, to ensure that you make the best purchase for your home:

  • Colour – what colour scheme are you trying to establish in your home? Are you looking to compliment other colours, create some contrast or make the space feel consistent?
  • Material – how much are you willing to invest in luxury material to establish beautiful texture in your home? Rugs are available at various prices and the more you spend, the stronger the theme of texture becomes.
  • Size – what size is best for your space? This is an important factor to consider as the size of the rug will have to align with the size of the room and other home décor.
  • Design – do you like something simple or want to create a statement? From abstract rugs to marble effect rugs, there are a range of design options.
  • Style – is modern or traditional your thing? This also has to align with the style of your home décor.
  • Shape – what type of feeling do you want to create within the space? Did you know that square and rectangles establish a sense of order and organization, whereas circles and curves create more of an inviting and soothing space?
  • Pattern – do you want to add some character to the space with something like geometric? Or would you rather keep it plain?

Textiles Products #2: Colour Matching with Cushions

Cushions are another great way to bring textural interest into your living room, bedroom or any area of your home. You can invest in different shapes, sizes, patterns and textures to create a customized feel in each room – but more importantly – use cushions to colour match your chosen rug or even wall art decor.

A large circular cushion can soften up hard edges around seating areas while still keeping things visually interesting with an inviting look, whereas a small rectangular cushion can be used for additional seating and comfort.

Cushions are many people’s favourite textiles products. This is because they are a great investment for bringing the concept of texture into the home, without the need to spend a lot of money. A lot of people love them and many decorate with nothing but cushions. You can use them in any room in your home and not only do cushions enhance your home design, offering pops of colours, but also these textiles products provide the ultimate comfort throughout the year. You can swap cushions around depending on what the season is and according to the colours that align with spring, summer, autumn or winter. Cushions are textiles products that add a new dimension to your home.

Textiles Products #3: Creating Texture with Throws

A throw for the living room or bedroom is a great way to create texture and warmth during the colder months in any room. From super simple throws to luxurious cashmere, you can add some texture that invites the deepest of comfort to your home. If you are looking for something really special, why not go with faux fur throws to bring some character and personality to your design concept.

Textiles Products at Homes Outlet

Searching for some textiles products for your home? Whether that’s rugs, cushions or throws, Homes Outlet have you covered, offering a range of unique and authentic designs that will bring so many benefits your home’s design concept.

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