Using Valentines Home Décor All Year Round

Valentines home décor is born from the beautiful colour red which is a colour that is associated with love, passion and physical energy. While red can be seen as a colour that connects two people together on the special date known as Valentine’s Day, this can be a theme that brings a whole new dimension to your interior design concept all-year-round.

Valentines Home Décor

Valentines home décor usually consists of red designs and these can be present within rugs, cushions and throws, wall art décor and even sofas. When creating a valentines home décor theme, it can be difficult to pair other colours with red as this is one of the most challenging colour to style. So, let’s take a look at what to combine your valentines home décor with, to create the perfect concept of love in your home during every season.

Combine with Black

Black is a neutral colour which offers a sense of luxury and mystery whilst also pulling together other colours in a great way. Black and red work well together to create a valentines home décor concept because this establishes a touch of contrast and feelings of empowerment. You can combine red and black in many ways, so let’s take a look at what the best valentines home décor looks like.

Black Sofa, Red Cushions

Black cushions on a black sofa doesn’t really create much of a bold look or even hold any contrast – the cushions won’t stand out too well. However, pairing your black sofa with red cushions will instantly inject life into this area of the room, creating all the feelings that valentines home décor brings which is both luxury and love, together.

Red Rug, Black Coffee Table

To maintain consistency with your valentines home décor theme, be sure to use a statement red rug which can be traditional or modern. Elevate this area on the floor by placing a black coffee table in the centre of the rug – together the colour combinations will now be in harmonious and rhythmic flow with the colour frequency of your sofa and cushions.

Add Depth of Warmth with Metallic Gold

Adding some metallic gold detail to your interior design concept is the perfect was to create depth of warmth within the space. Using the colour gold in your home offers great benefits – particularly when you’ve also used black – since it helps light to bounce back into the room and stops it from feeling too dark and heavy.

Stay Neutral or Go Bold

When designing a space in your home where red is the main statement, you can stay neutral and combine with black or cream shades of home décor, or you can go bold and add in lots of glamourous and dazzling elements such as gold. However, it’s best not to go too overboard with one theme and instead, create a balance between the neutral and bold look. This will create a more harmonious space and feel gentle on the eyes, yet still capturing your attention.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Adding deep red roses to your interior design concept is the perfect way to complete the look of valentines home décor. You can never have too many red roses and if you opt for faux flowers, they will last for many years to come.

Homes Outlet

At Homes Outlet, we have recently created a valentines home décor collection which is filled with the power of red design. This includes rugs, cushions, throws and faux flowers. We are always expanding our collections and introducing new, hand-selected pieces of home décor so that you can transform your home into the place that you love most. Valentines home décor doesn’t have to be for just one day of the year – it certainly is a style that some people love to implement all-year-round.

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